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Sean Penn On Board For Prone Gunman?



Ever since his miniscule outing in Terence Malick’s ‘The Tree Of Life’ alongside Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain, Sean Penn has been in ‘gung-ho’ mode. This January, we will see him play hotshot Mickey Cohen in Ruben Flesicher’s hotly anticipated ‘Gangster Squad’ and now it seems after being renowned for serious roles, he’s finally ready to lead a potential film franchise.

It has been confirmed today (The Hollywood Reporter) that Penn is in talks to play the lead role of Martin Terrier, in a film called ‘Prone Gunman’. Based on the works of Jean-Patrick Manchette, the ‘pieces’ of the big screen adaptation are being assembled by producer Joel Silver (The Matrix) and finances provided by StudioCanal.

The premise of Prone Gunman bears a striking resemblance to the recent Jason Bourne series. Operative Terrier is forced to go on the run across the nether regions of Europe as it becomes apparent, the organisation he thought he could trust has betrayed him.

What the project may lack in originality certainly makes up for in intrigue, taking into account 52 year old Penn is following in the footsteps of the likes of Liam Neeson for becoming an unlikely all action hero.

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