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Ryan Gosling Abandons Refn’s Logan’s Run Remake!



Ever since their critically acclaimed colloboration Drive from last year, the dynamic duo of actor Ryan Gosling and director Nicholas Winding Refn have been damn near inseparable. Already underway with the production of their latest thriller ‘Only God Forgives’, die hard fans of their bromance were anticipating their big budget remake of the 1976 film Logan’s Run.

Unfortunately, this is no longer going to be the case. Today it has been confirmed by Variety that Gosling has decided to drop out of the Warner Bros project, which is set in the year 2274. As of yet, no particular reason has been given for his sudden depature setting up much speculation.

The most common theories circulating are Warner Bros could have perhaps been weary of Gosling heading up such a blockbuster. Taking into account his recent and upcoming cinematic appearances, surely the likes of Gangster Squad would constitute as mainstream films able to make a profit?

The likely scenario is that Gosling has been gearing up for his directorial debut, which is set to begin production in Spring 2013. Entitled ‘How To Catch A Monster’, he will be accompanied by leading lady and fellow Drive co-star Christina Hendricks.

We at MM can only hope now.. that Winding Refn doesn’t follow suit and the Gosling/Refn bond isn’t broken.


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