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Raimi Abandons The ‘World Of Warcraft’!



A film adaptation of the hugely successful online phenomenon ‘World Of Warcraft’ has been stuck in development hell, for what seems an eternity. The game, created by Blizzard Entertainment looked all set to get the big screen treatment via the creative vision of Spiderman Trilogy director Sam Raimi. Working alongside Saving Private Ryan scriptwriter Robert Rodat, the project seemed to be moving along smoothly. However, recent comments at Comic-Con have suggested otherwise.

Whilst doing the promotional rounds in San Diego for his new Disney film ‘Oz: The Great And Powerful’, Raimi has let slip that he is no longer involved. Speaking to the press:

‘They don’t have me directing ‘World Of Warcraft’ anymore because when i took the ‘Oz’ job, they had to move on to another director. They had to start making it.’

Whilst disappointing to see Raimi unable to deliver such a mythical world, Blizzard Entertainment are clearly eager to plough on regardless despite production yet to get underway.

Cue the revving up of the directorial rumour mill!




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