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R-Patz To Join ‘Hunger’ Franchise??





With the grand finale of the hugely successful ‘Twilight Saga’ yet to hit cinemas and a previous delve into the magical world of Harry Potter, you’d be thinking that Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson would have had the ‘bloated’ feeling as far as franchises go.

But according to reports this morning, he could be persuaded into being ‘hungry’ for more. ‘The Hunger Games’ debuted successfully back in March, scoring widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Now with Lionsgate all set to start production on it’s anticipated follow-up ‘Catching Fire’, they’re on the hunt for an actor to take on the coveted role of ‘Finnick Odair’.

The key benefactor in such a deal, seems to lie in the form of newly appointed director Francis Lawrence. He’s certainly familiar with the work of R-Patz, after teaming up for circus drama ‘Water For Elephants’ last year that starred Reese Wetherspoon.

Whether the ‘Games’ fanboys/girls will welcome Pattinson with open arms remains to be seen, but he’s certainly grown accustomed to such a weight on his shoulders.

You can catch your latest cinematic fix of the actor in David Cronenberg’s ‘Cosmopolis’, which debuts in the UK on June 15th 2012!






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