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PTA To Reteam With Phoenix?



Together, along with the impressive talents that Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams possess, crafted one of the most peculiar yet brilliant films of 2012. Of course, we are talking about ‘The Master’. It seems one multi award acknowledged collaboration just wasn’t enough for There Will Be Blood director Paul Thomas Anderson and Joaquin Phoenix..

It has been confirmed today that Phoenix (Gladiator) is locked in talks to head up Anderson’s next project in his pipeline, ‘Inherent Vice’. Based on the 2009 novel written by Thomas Pyncheon, the 60’s based book centres around the character Larry ‘Doc’ Sportello whom Phoenix is set to play in the big screen adaptation, as he is prompted to investigate a plotted kidnapping.

Phoenix’s inclusion has been deemed a last minute ‘bailout’, with Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr originally in the frame. The film will be produced by Annapurna Pictures, with production likely to begin later on this year.

Shrouded in controversy the film may have been with its Scientology angle, but ‘The Master’ contained an arguably career best performance from Phoenix as Freddie Quill. So a chance to recapture the magic with Anderson, has to be welcomed.

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