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Prometheus ‘Elder’ Images Released! (Possible Spoilers)



Straight from the forums of  the Prometheus’ die-hard fans, more behind the scenes images have been unleashed on to the audience. Showing of the incredible amount of practical effects that went into the film, but most importantly is the arrival of the ‘Elder Engineer’ image. This of course cut from the magnificent introduction scene of the theatrical version of the film, which had a lot of its audience puzzled too. Well rest assure, be confused no more!

An arrival of this ‘Elder’ confirms to (most) fans that the first scene took place long before the days of mankind. Reasons for this being the huge visual contrast from the later ‘Titan’ Engineer. As you can see, the later Engineer appears to be more ‘bio’mechanical’ compared to the Engineer showed at the beginning of the film. However most of this was apparent anyway to viewers and that these images only solidifies their perspective.

One can only the predict the possibility of a civil war that drove the Engineers apart, leading to the mass genocide, but I’ll leave that for you readers to decide in the comments below!

On a final note however – doesn’t this Elder Engineer presence seem very… religious? Traditional? Sacrificial?

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