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Prometheus Debunked



Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’… looks amazing, but still haven’t got a clue what’s going on? And all we’ve got to chew on at the moment is the trailer, which just throws random, minuscule bits of the film at our subconscious in order for us to go “That looks nice…” If you are a bit dumbfounded, do not fear! I spent the good part of my afternoon dissecting the trailer bit by bit, picking out the best and most intriguing bits for your reading and viewing pleasure, I can guarantee your mind will soon be at ease!

DISCLAIMER:- This feature may contain spoilers, upset stomachs and bad dreams.

As you can clearly see, it’s the omen child of Darth Vader and Lord Voldemort, don’t ask how, just accept Ridley Scott’s direction for this film… have a little faith. Harry Potter 7.2 was and still is the world’s biggest film; cash wise, and Star Wars wasn’t too far behind that, so it clearly makes sense for those two to finally come together and make billions and billions with this golden idea. And for the Green Lantern power thing? We all know that flopped like an elephant in a paddling pool, but can’t you see? A sequel is just around the corner! What better way to make a come back than in a gritty Sci-Fi film? Fans rejoice!

Michael Fassbender eyes up our little ol’planet, but take a closer look. IfAustraliais on that side of the earth, Fassbender has to be staring at…’The United States of America’. “So?” you may say, but look at his expression; Awe? Worry? Dread? Clearly there’s a big read cross on that earth, directly on North America that we can’t see. ‘Prometheus II: Invasion’ coming to a theatre near you 2016!

On another note, he could just be staring at Alaska, or the North Pole, which I’m sure one of those places (or something similar) is the location of the under-ice Aztec Temple seen in AVP…hmm?

This one really speaks for itself. Patrick Star makes a cameo to promote his new ‘Sponge Bob Square Pants’ spin off movie; ‘Patrick in Space 3D”.

Ever wondered how the Grand Canyon came into existence? “Corrosion!” you shout. “Blasphemy!” I say. Ridley Scott knows the truth, heck he produced that smash hit ‘Life in a Day’. You see, the explorers, scientists…whatever in this film, these people are actually looking for this… ‘machine’. This machine was the very thing that made our once flat earth so mountainous and hilly! And there you have it.

I wouldn’t worry about this; Ridley Scott clearly stated that this film has nothing to do with the ‘Alien’ series so I’m guessing there was a film reel mix up somewhere. Silly people.

Joking aside, while ‘researching’ for this feature, my mind was blown. How many Aliens are in this darn film?! Top left – The Space Jockey, seen in the first Alien film and it was dead on discovery then, so that’s a relief? Top Right – THE HANDS! They’re different! There’s a clear wrist difference between the Space Jockey and Voldemort’s son, this unsettles me… Bottom Left – This guy’s wearing a space suit like the rest of the humans, yet his visor is no more and he appears bald, much like … Voldemort’s son. Notice the way he’s pouncing too, Predator much? Also, in the trailer, this…infected human? Has some sort of ‘dreads’ flowing behind his head as he jumps. Weird.

So from this, here’s what I’ve concluded…ahem.

Voldemort’s son is a type of ‘God’ like alien species. These guys are actually called ‘The Prometheans’. Take a look at this dictionary definition of Prometheus – in Greek mythology, a Titan who became a hero to humankind because he stole fire from the gods and gave it to them. Could that Alien literally be that in some sense?

The pouncing alien/human is in fact an infected human, infected by… Prometheus himself, thus creating the Predator race. MIND BLOWN.

So, what do you think about all this? Not so straight forward right? Let us know in the comments below your version of what’s actually going on and maybe then we can soon make sense of all this madness.

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