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Powerful Debut Trailer For Joel Edgerton’s ‘Boy Erased’



You wait for one film to tackle the despicable concept of gay conversion therapy (The Miseducation Of Cameron Post). Then two come along at once. Yet it is far from a case of diminishing returns for Joel Edgerton’s latest directorial effort, with his adaptation of Garrett Conley’s book ‘Boy Erased’ shaping up to be a heart swelling affair.

‘Erased sees Lucas Hedges’ Jared struggling to articulate his attraction toward men within a fiercely religious home, with Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe his on-screen parents. Faced with being disregarded by his family after coming out, he is forced into a church-supported conversion program which only leaves him more determined to remain authentic.

Also starring Mommy director Xavier Dolan and singer Troye Sivan, with the trailer featuring his new track ‘Revelation’. The film is released later this year.

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