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Pitt To Adapt Holocaust Tale?



It’s hard to deny that Hollywood heavyweight Brad Pitt, has been on quite a roll as of late. Scoring an Oscar nomination for his terrific performance in Moneyball which he also produced. Indulging with acclaimed director Terence Malick on the polarising ‘Tree Of Life’. Now, he’s seeking out even more challenging fare with his latest project.

He is expressed an eagerness to adapt the works of Edwin Black, in particular the book ‘IBM and The Holocaust’. The bestseller’s premise revolves around one Thomas Watson. Daring to form an alliance with Nazi Germany from the year of 1933 all the way through the Holocaust years, he was a key benefactor in ending the lives of endless Jews in the process.

The project was initially put forward to the hotshots at HBO with a TV film deal suggested, which unfortunately never got off the ground. Pitt has already attached himself to star in the adaptation, in a firm bid to attract interest. Pitt can be next seen on screen in Andrew Dominik’s ‘Killing Them Softly’ which debuts on September 21st (UK).

More details as this story develops..

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