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Piranha 3DD



Released: May 11th 2012

Directed by: John Gulager

Starring: Danielle Panabaker, Christopher Lloyd, David Hasselhoff

Certificate: 18

Reviewer: Ben Harris

‘Piranha’ definitely didn’t take itself too seriously with bulging boobs and blood-soaked fish food. Director Alexandra Aja took a playful approach towards B-movie conventions and ‘Piranha’ turned out to be a fun, yet obviously silly, treat. It’s good to see ‘3Dd’ doesn’t hold back either.

Lake Victoria, the first host to the pre-historic man eating piranhas, is now neglected. Speculation as to whether the piranhas will return is anyone’s guess but they don’t have to wait for long, as these are smart little flesh eaters. Cue a waterpark and naked ladies and ‘3Dd’ is ready for action.

‘Feast’ director John Gulager is at the helm and continues to deliver essential idiotic material the target audience crave. This follow up admittedly lacks the intensity and gore of its predecessor but there is still enough tits and mangled bodies to set your eyes on.

The piranha meals are always a gruesome sight but these are held back slightly to make room for more mockery and humour. This is mainly at the expense of recurring characters from the original and a comical cameo from the one and only David Hasselhoff. It’s great seeing The Hoff making fun of himself and his appearance is surprisingly one of the best in this sequel.

The amusement isn’t the only aspect that has been upped a notch. That’s right boys; females are in the buff constantly, hence the title ‘3Dd’ (obviously), and they will certainly put a smile on your faces.

Now to be bluntly honest – the dialogue is pathetic, the acting dodgy and the set pieces are not as fun as the first outing but ‘Piranha 3Dd’ successfully delivers what it’s meant to – stupidity, nudity and gore. This isn’t made to win any awards.

Oh and one more thing, the 3D is much better this time around!


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