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One Day



Released: 24th August 2011 (UK)

Director: Lone Scherfig

Stars: Jim Sturgess, Anne Hathaway

Certificate: 12A

Reviewer: Ben Harris

It’s rare for an author to adapt their own novel for the big screen but that’s what David Nicholls has done and unfortunately for him he doesn’t do his own material justice.

‘One Day’ visits the lives of Emma and Dexter on the same day, July 15th, spanning over twenty years. They form a friendship after spending the night together at their college graduation and the film follows their lives when they are together or not.

The all-important early years, at the start of the film, are crucial for character development but the years go by rapidly, leaving no time to pick up on character personalities or feelings within relationships. Some years are only a couple of seconds long and it’s these pointless scenes that become an annoyance and disrupts the flow of the film.

The protagonists are more complex in the novel but this version of storytelling overlooks many aspects of their lives, and like stated before, feelings for each other. Dexter has a downfall in his personal life with drink and drugs but the build up to this is never emphasised, so it’s up to us, the audience, to quickly catch up with what’s going on.

An abrupt conclusion for one of the characters doesn’t have the intended emotional impact. Unpredictable for some but the set up could result in a snigger from others.

Performance wise Anne Hathaway cracks under the pressure of delivering a Yorkshire accent. Distracting as it is she has a likable presence and the same can be said for Jim Sturgess.

The direction and overall look is pleasant enough but with a story not willing to give the characters time to individually shine ‘One Day’ ends up being a boring love story.

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