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Nudity in Film: The World’s Boldest Actors and Actresses



Actors and actresses are known for having to show some skin in their films and this no doubt helps to increase the film’s popularity and takings at the box office.

But, which film stars have stripped off most and for how long? Party Casino reveals which top actors and actresses have bared all the most, with special mention to the feature films that truly embraced nudity.

The World’s Boldest Actors

Surprisingly the actor at the top of the list has spent almost 20 minutes on-screen in his birthday suit.

He’s appeared nude on-screen in 7 films for a total of 1103 seconds. That man? It’s Ewan McGregor!

RankNameScreen Time in the NudeNo of Films
1Ewan McGregor1103 seconds7
2Antonio Banderas1055 seconds7
3Mark Ruffalo811 seconds8
4Sylvester Stallone735 seconds6
5Colin Farrell728 seconds7
6Matthew McConaughey725 seconds1
7Zac Efron723 seconds1
8Christian Bale703 seconds1
9Leonardo DiCaprio663 seconds1
10Daniel Craig643 seconds1

The World’s Boldest Actresses

The actress who tops the list of time in the nude has amassed more than 10 minutes longer than her male counterpart.

In fact, six of the top ten actresses in this list have spent more time nude than Ewan McGregor has… make of that what you will.

Eva Green leads the list, totaling almost 30 minutes over just 2 films!

There are some super famous names in this list – you can read the full list here

RankNameScreen Time in the NudeNo of Films
1Eva Green1730 seconds2
2Helen Mirren1496 seconds5
3Angelina Jolie1459 seconds5
4Juno Temple1391 seconds8
5Nicole Kidman1284 seconds6
6Penelope Cruz1171 seconds5
7Charlize Theron1004 seconds7
8Rosanna Arquette975 seconds4
9Helen Hunt886 seconds5
10Alicia Vikander866 seconds6

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