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Now TV Mind Reader



NOWTV_Mindreader_FBAdImage_v3[1]“NOW TV has teamed up with magical oddball John van der Put and his pooch, Mr Piffles, to predict what you’ll love to watch on the NOW TV Box this winter.”

As you can see from the video here, van der Put was in Waterloo station earlier this month wowing commuters with his magical prowess and predictions.

NOW TV Mind Reader, the new magical prediction tool helps viewers select the perfect film, sporting event or TV show for them from NOW TV’s expansive offering, without the risk of John singing your eyebrows.  You can try it for yourself here and see what NOW TV predicts for you!

The NOW TV Box, which turns your TV into a smart TV and gives instant access to Sky Movies, Sky Sports and the 10 entertainment channels including Sky 1 and Sky Atlantic, is available for £9.99 right here:

If you want to watch the great content NOW TV will predict for you, take advantage of a free NOW TV trial. Head over to to get started.

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