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‘STRIVE’ Finds Distribution



Harlem-based drama film ‘Strive’, the feature film by director Robert Rippberger (7 Days in Syria), starring Grammy-nominated Joi “JoiStaRR” Campbell and award-winning actor Danny Glover, has been picked up for distribution by AMC’s Urban Movie Channel, Apire TV, and Vimeo On Demand. The film will also receive a theatrical release in Los Angeles and New York this Fall.

‘Strive’, which recently picked up the ‘2019 Jury Award, Best Screenplay’ at the American Black Film Festival in Miami, was written by Harlem-native Sha-Risse Smith along with Piper Dellums.

‘Strive’ tells the story of Kalani Johnson (Joi “JoiStaRR” Campbell), a struggling high schooler who chases her dream of getting into Yale University all while facing the challenges in the projects and streets of Harlem. With no one but her college counselor Mr. Rose (Danny Glover) pushing her forward, Kalani must keep her family intact and push against the world holding her back.

After premiering at the Harlem International Film Festival 2019, ‘Strive’ received the ‘Audience Award’ and ‘Best Actress Award’ for Joi “JoiStaRR” Campbell’s performance.

The deal was negotiated by Efuru Flowers of Flourishing Films in coordination with Susan Glatzer for Aletheia Films.

Producers are Scott Rosenfelt (Mystic Pizza, Smoke Signals, Home Alone), Robert Rippberger, Piper Dellums, and Tobias Deml, Ace Salvador, and Hiroki Kamada of Prodigium Pictures along with executive producers Eric Eppinger, Wes Hull, Dave Lugo, Chris Chiari, Max Deml, Gerd Grum, William Duke, Guarav Bhatnagar, and Habib Paracha.

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