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New Rogue One Trailer!



Here it is, the final trailer for Rogue One.

Well. That was rather excellent. Lots to absorb, mostly the amazing appearance of Darth Vader, he swoops in with all the appropriate menace we want from him, but Ben Mendelsohn’s Krennic doesn’t seem to be too afraid, going toe to toe with the Dark Lord himself.

Elsewhere we got a lot of backstory from the Erso family, including our first look at Jyn’s father played by Mads Mikkelsen, and generally gives away most of the plot. But, we come to expect that from trailers these days. Sweeping shots of X-Wings in a previously unknown space battle, lots more of the AT-AT battle on Scarif , and we finally learn why the film is called Rogue One.

Also released is the new poster, check it out;


Rogue One – A Star Wars Story hits cinemas December 16th

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