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New Creed Featurette Explores The Generations



It’s incredible to think that the story of Rocky Balboa, surfacing almost 40 years ago is still inspiring filmmakers and athletes alike to this day. After a staggering six movies in the franchise, it appeared that Sylvester Stallone’s story was finally laid to rest, but with Fruitvale Station director an avid fan, a spin-off was born in the form of Creed.

Focusing this time on the son of Carl Weathers’ Apollo Creed, a new generation is led by the brilliant Michael B. Johnson as a new age Rocky of sorts looks to surface and enthrall audiences next year.

In a new featurette for the upcoming film, we look at the generation gap between Stallone and those newer entities involved within this new film, but also how the gap is bridged in those generations by a universal love for Sly’s original works.

It’s great to see how the trio of Stallone, Coogler and Johnson all share a mutual love for the Oscar-winning film and its spawned sequels, and just how much that love will likely emanate within this new chapter.

Creed is released in the UK in April 2016.

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