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Need For Speed Film Set To Hit The Tracks!



Despite the consistent success of the videogame franchise since its debut back in the year of 1994, a film adaptation of ‘Need For Speed’ at first glance seems a surprise choice. However, this hasn’t stopped Dreamworks giving it the greenlight.

The cinematic version of EA’s racer will be helmed by director Scott Waugh. Waugh was the man at the helm of the Navy SEALS action fest ‘Act Of Valor’ released earlier this year.

The doubters will certainly be eased by the comments of Dreamworks chairman Steven Spielberg in regards to the project, promising that Waugh and company will ‘bring to life an exhilarating script based on an epic game that seems made for the movies.’

Considering the success of similar fare in recent years (The Fast and Furious Franchise to name one), the pressure’s certainly on this latest attempt to nail the videogame to film transition whilst setting itself apart from its turbo charged rivals.

The production of the film will get underway early 2013, with a 2014 release date already pencilled!



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