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Must Watch Casino Themed Movies



Movies and casinos have always gone hand in hand. The art of gambling has been a major theme across different movies in Hollywood from the day of its inception. There is no better thing to see our favourite movie stars gambling against the villain and emerging the winner on the movie screen. There are lots of gambling plots in the movies and most of them are quite popular. From the conventional games like Roulette to the recent mobile slots, all can become a major theme when it comes to movies on a casino. Here is a small list of the best casino-based movies of all times.

Over the years directors have come with innovative casino based plots in their movies in order to add the excitement and entertainment factor to keep viewers engaged. We recommend the following casino based movies if you are a casino enthusiast.

Top casino themed movies you should watch

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story – It ranks among one of the best gambling movies with a biographical theme. The cast includes Michael Imperioli as Stu Ungar who was a highly famed poker player. He won three WSOP Main Event tournaments. The movie takes us through the dramatic heydeys of Ungar to his final days when he was without any riches.

The Cooler: Directed by Wayne Kramer, this revolves around the luck of an ordinary man who works in a casino and later wins a grand prize. The performance is superb and so is the cinematography.

Seabiscuit: This highly dramatic movie centres around racehorse betting. It tells a story of a jockey and his horse who rise from rags to riches. It is one of the greatest underdog stories of all times. Tobey Maguire’s acting is quite appreciable here.

Rounders:  It has the handsome Matt Damon as the lead hero. The plot is based on the life of an entrepreneur who wins a game of poker and pays for his university fees. Other cast members include John Malkovich and Edward Norton.

The Gambler: One of the greatest gambling movies of all times, The Gambler narrates the story of a university professor who loves online slots and casino gambling. Slowly his greed for money and casino addiction turns into self-destruction.

The Cincinnati Kid: Steve McQueen stars in his highly engaging movie that depicts the story of an amateur gambler who plays against a professional gambler. It has full of twists and turns.

21: Based on a true story, this film talks about a math professor who joins a group of students in gambling and life takes an unexpected turn. It features some exciting games of the jackpot, online slots and poker.

Casino Royale: Where there is Bond, there is always gambling! This film centres around 007’s poker exploits as he takes on the villain who also loves gambling. The film has an epic scene of gambling amidst the exotic Monte Carlo.

In addition to these, there are some more casino based films that depict different games like online slots, card games, and poker. You can get to know more about casino movies from the blog section of Spinzwin Casino. Some of them are:

    • Casino
    • The Sting
    • The Hustler
    • Rounders
    • Modern Marvers: Las Vegas
    • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    • Guns Girls and Gambling

Watching all these movies is really fun if you love gambling and the specific aura or the charm related to it!

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