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Movie Tickets Now Cost £40 In London. Really.



For those who’ve visited London and passed by the Odeon Leicester Square in 2018, you may have noticed the building under renovation. Well, now the iconic institution is back open to the public, and certain prices are drawing criticism from patrons.

Yes, if you visit the Odeon Luxe Leicester Square this Friday night, and purchased a single ticket to watch Mary Poppins Returns in the main theatre’s plush ‘Royal Box’, said ticket would set you back an astounding £40. In return you’d get a slightly nicer seat, and a little table to place your popcorn and drink (each sold separately).

Naturally, upon learning this news, social media was aghast with horrified and angry responses. Twitter users called the £40 ticket “disgusting” and “insane”, and prompted a response from Odeon that defended the price; pointing out that ordinary seats at the London cinema (you know, for the regular, poor folk), can be purchased for just £10… so long as you didn’t want to see a popular film, and were willing to watch it early morning on a weekday. But, you know… options.

Mary Poppins Returns is in UK Cinemas now, rated U.

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