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Most Disappointing Last Installment To A Series?



This week’s question was brought on while i was watching the Oscars and saw that ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ was nominated for one. I remember feeling really let down by it, so i decided to see how the team felt about disappointing ends to a film series.

What film series had the most disappointing end?

A series that was brilliant the whole way through but fell at the final hurdle, or even a terrible series that had an atrocious final outing.


Lewis Filer

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The Transformers films get quite a lot of hate and that’s completely understandable. Im my opinion, the first Transformers movie was superb and i’ll never change my mind on that. The second installment ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ was not as good as the first but i still found it enjoyable. The latest outing though was not good in the slightest. Awful casting such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and the ever irritating Ken Jeong were among some of the things that i really hated. Sure the special effects were magnificiant as usual but the whole film felt like a steaming pile of mess. It felt like the final battle was an hour long, Megatron got owned so easily and again that annoying English bint sitting down for a chat with Megatron infuriated me. Michael Bay is working on the 4th film but with an entirely new cast. I don’t know whether to be excited about this or to dread the crap he unleashes in 2014.


William McAbee

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Without a doubt Harry Potter! I was so disappointed in that final film for many reasons! It was anticlimactic and worst of all forgettable! The acting was below average, the writing awful, the direction bland, special effects stupid, the fights bad, pace awful, and no epicness! They didn’t explain anything like why Harry could come back to life. Voldemort death is idiotic and the hug he gives Draco cringes you There is no suspense, Voldemort is not scary, and your never scared of him. It is rushed and an awful ending to a pretty good series. Overall overrated and highly disappointing. One of the worst movies of 2011 in my opinion. Could’ve been amazing but sadly was plain bad.


Ben Harris

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

The first two films were no masterpieces but they were a lot fun for what they were. Great set pieces, undeniable chemistry between the leads and amusing humour. The original is still one of my favourite adventure films ever but Rob Cohen had to go and ruin the whole series! The tone completely changed thanks to a horrible location change, awful dialogue and NO RACHEL WEISZ! Mario Bello was terrible and Luke Ford (son Alex) was asking for a punch. Unoriginal and completely unnecessary. Screw you Cohen!


Liam Griffiths

Transporter 3

The first two were great martial arts action films and Statham is the definition of an ice cold badass. Then, Olivier Megaton made him go back on his ‘rules of employment’ that made the character so good and escort some vacuous bint around for the whole film. It had very few combat scenes in it, and the ones it did have were shot in that infuriating Bourne Identity ‘flash-cut’ style that makes it impossible to discern what’s happening. And that ‘backflip the car to remove a bomb’ was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. As a fan I was absolutely dissapointed with every moment.


Richard O’Toole

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

I’m going to say Cheaper by the Dozen 2. First reason is because it has Taylor Lautner in and secondly I don’t want to Eugene Levy as anything other than Jim’s dad. Oh and the first Cheaper By The Dozen was bad enough, a sequel wasn’t needed. 


Angharad Jones

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

‘On Stranger Tides’ sums it up really. As a film in its own right I will say it had some slightly interesting and vaguely humourous scenes, but it is in no way in the same league as its three predecessors. Poor decision making by all involved, lacking in charm and wit, and with cringeworthy Depp/Cruz scenes that aren’t even saucy enough to satisfy the die-hard Johnny fanatics- the film is in general, disappointing and unnecessary. 


Darryl Griffiths

X Men The Last Stand

As soon as they lost Bryan Singer at the helm and replaced him with Brett Ratner.. i feared the worst! It was a crushing disappointment of a finale that slaughtered the original cast and stifles the film with a bundle of new mutants without a glimmer of a backstory. Not even the action has the original wow factor of its previous installments.. The Magneto led ending proves to be a con considering it’s title and don’t get me started on how Vinnie Jones got such a gig! X-cruciating. 


Spiderman 3

Zach Evans

The obvious choice really. Blinded by “yeah it was awesome” as a kid for loving Spidy for who he is, even with my stupidly huge knowledge of the Spider-Man universe and characters, I lied to myself. I believed that they did a great job of the film and wanted more, but then I dawned upon me. Venom shouldn’t die (Even though I thought to myself that symbiotic particles would still exist, allowing him to reform for the fourth installment, but allas no. Sandman was still cool, bit over the top for me but Harry Osborne!? This isn’t blade runner man, what’s with the surfboard sh*t?! And the fact that HE DIES, HE CAN’T DIE! WHERE THE HELL IS HIS SON! But then, that’s just me being picky. Overall, the film was shite.

Mark Hester

It almost pains me to admit to this, given my penchant Spidey-love. However, there’s a lot of bones to be picked here. Too many cooks spoil the broth, and too many bad guys subdue the villainy. Green Goblin Jr. is a watered do…wn version of the first film, just with more toys, the Sandman is a story that isn’t developed enough, and Venom is too big of a character to limit to such minute resource and screen time. Peter going emo could have worked if done more poignantly, but instead turned out like the rash lashings of a teenager with hormone overload. Unfortunate let-down to what might have been one of the best Superhero series of films otherwise.

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