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Monuments Men Reveals New Posters



It may have ruled itself out of the Oscar race this year, but The Monuments Men remains one of the most hotly anticipated releases, and today 20th Century Fox unveiled the latest artwork and posters for the George Clooney pic dramatizing a WWII mission to recover artwork seized by the Nazis. It still looks good, and it still has all the credentials of an Oscar hopeful, but with an early 2014 release it has pretty much killed off any chance of Academy Awards.

Statistics show that almost zero Best Pictures of the past twenty years have been released in the first four months of the year, so we’re just going to have to put this out of our minds and remember it as a film that never quite made it but probably should have. The Monuments Men is now scheduled for release in February 2014. WATCH THE TRAILER HERE

Monuments Men Poster

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