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MM Supports – The House Of Screaming Death



House Of Screaming DeathAs a fellow Midlander, it has been a real pleasure to track the progress and throw my backing behind The House Of Screaming Death.

Courtesy of Pat the Bull Films and Lightbeam Productions, this feature length effort embraces the old-school aesthetic of traditional gothic horror accentuated by its vintage poster and the classic genre anthology structure, slowly creeping back into modern efforts such as VHS.

Consisting of four distinct stories titled The Lady In Grey, The Witch In The Mirror, The Vampyre and Diabolique, they are all connected through the unnerving narration of a mysterious figure merely known as The Architect. The stories are eerily brought to life through the direction of Troy Dennison, Rebecca Harris-Smith, Dave Hastings and Alex Bourne respectively.

Initially successful through their Indiegogo campaign, the team finally unleashed the impressive debut trailer of the film on Halloween, which you can view below.

Whilst we await word on a much deserved release date, you can track the progress of The House Of Screaming Death via Facebook and Twitter.


William Solomon (Troy Dennison) awaits The Lady In Grey

Thomas (Brett Dewsbury) in the Cellar


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