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‘Miss Lillian: More Than A President’s Mother’ Releases September 28



Just ahead of President Jimmy Carter’s 97th birthday, Random Media is releasing Steven Ullman’s documentary feature film, ‘Miss Lillian: More Than A President’s Mother’ with recent interview footage from America’s oldest living president.

Directed by award-winning Vivian Winther, ‘Miss Lillian: More Than A President’s Mother’ stars Carol Swarbrick and features exclusive interviews with President Jimmy Carter, his beloved wife Mrs. Rosalynn Carter, the late Tommy Lasorda, and newsman Sam Donaldson.

In this inspiring and intimate documentary, Lillian Carter’s progressive views on race are shaped by her life as a nurse in the rural South and profoundly influence her son, President Jimmy Carter. The film centers around rare interviews with historical figures of the Carter era, including former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, Los Angeles Dodger legend Tommy Lasorda, longtime ABC White House correspondent Sam Donaldson – and of course her son Jimmy, who at 96, rarely sits for interviews. In candid moments, President Carter reflects on his remarkable mother, who passed her deeply held humanitarian values on to her children, the eldest of whom would become the 39th President of the United States.

In July 2021, ‘Miss Lillian: More Than A President’s Mother’ picked up Best Director at the Seattle Film Festival.

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