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Love Means Never Having To Delete Your Search History



How would romantic films play out for the social media generation?

What would it be like if classic moments from silver screen romance happened today? Would it play out just the same? Would smartphones get in the way? Could stumbling upon someone on Tinder really be the same as bumping into them in the street? Do grand gestures translate to the Instagram generation or would the leading lady be ghosted, and the hunk of the screen benched?

We think it could go a little like this.

Bridget Jones 

Sometimes it’s just the best medium to really get your thoughts out there.

Bridget JonesTitanic 

Once it’s on Instagram there’s no going back.


Romeo & Juliet 

You can’t hide your love from your family when they’re snooping on Facebook.

Romeo and Juliet


Sometimes a review can lead to so much more…


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