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‘Love and Love Not’ Out on Amazon Video



Romantic-comedy feature film ‘Love and Love Not’, starring Francesco D’Onofrio, Makenna Perkal (Anamorphosis), Afton Boggiano (1/2 New Year), Fabiana Udenio (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery) and Alex Corrado (Dinner Rush) has been released on Amazon Video.

Directed by Anthony Cally ‘Love and Love Not’ is the story of Nicky Leandro, a red-blooded New Yorker, and Los Angeles transplant, both of which reinforce a particular facet of his personality. Up until now each have done a fine job of compartmentalizing themselves. That is until Lily, an old flame, gets a hold of him right as he’s about to head home for the holidays. 

Feet on the ground and in New York Nicky gets right to rationing whatever time he has amongst encounters with family, friends, and lovers, including Lily. In looking to his past Nicky sees a future with Lily and chooses to pursue her only for the entire thing to blow up in their faces as the past comes back to haunt them at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party. Facing both the past and present Nicky is forced to reconcile the two dominant aspects of his identity. The part living in the present working towards a career in Los Angeles and the part left in the past tangled up with Lily in New York.

Once back in Los Angeles, it’s only after heartfelt conversations with newly met Evelyn and stepfather Paul that Nicky realizes not only is there no future in their being together, but that they are both keeping themselves from something better. And so, in a last-ditch effort to say goodbye, Nicky flies back to New York to share one last dance resulting in a singular platonic moment they’ll never cling to nor forget.  

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Written by Anthony Cally and Brandon Barnett, ‘Love and Love Not’ also stars Joseph D’Onofrio, Sofie Marie and Mike Taverna.  The romantic comedy includes composer Alexander Burke and Taylor Tomlinson as cinematographer. Vincent Fiorenza serves as executive producer.

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