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How Likely Are You To Survive A Scary Movie?



  • A recent study by musicMagpie has revealed the top 20 names most likely to survive or die when starring in a horror film
  • Robert appears 10 times in the top 500 horror films, and survives just twice, giving him an 80% chance of death. Linda is number one unlucky girls name with a 78% chance of death.
  • Characters with the names Louis and Pete have a 100% chance of survival.
  • People named John and Frank are the top survivors with 17 and 15 lucky escapes respectively, while those named Paul have suffered 14 on-screen fatalities

With the rising success of horror films like ‘IT’ and ‘Get Out’, musicMagpie has analysed all 500 of the IMDB top horror films to calculate the 20 names most likely to survive or die in a scary film.

The ‘Die’ list is topped by Robert, with an 80% chance of death after appearing 10 times over the 500 films and surviving just twice. Linda is the number one girls name most likely to die, with a 78% chance of meeting a gruesome end after 7 deaths and just 2 lucky escapes.

You need to stay away from Ouija boards and graveyards if your name is John or Frank too; these are the most popular character names for horror films, with John racking up 31 appearances with a 55% chance of survival, and Frank appearing 29 times with a 52% chance of survival.

The list of survivors is topped by characters with the names Louis and Pete, both of which fight for their lives in 7 films and live to tell the tail every time!  Sarah is the top surviving girls name with a 73% chance of making it out alive after 15 appearances.

If you ever find yourself fearing for your life in your own horror film, you might want to team up with a Henry. After 15 appearances in horror movies, Henry has fought his way to survival 10 times, with a 77% survival rate.

Of all the characters in the top 500 IMDB horror movies, the most likely to die are:

  1. Robert – 80% chance of death
  2. Linda – 78% chance of death
  3. Harry – 75% chance of death
  4. Jack – 69% chance of death
  5. Billy – 67% chance of death

For more details and to view the Survive or Die lists visit:

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