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Like Crazy



Reviewed by: Laura Kendrick

Released: January 27th 2012 (UK)

Directed by: Drake Dorenus

Starring: Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin

Certificate: 12a (UK)

 While studying at an American college, British Student Anna (Felicity Jones- Chalet Girl) falls for her American classmate, Jacob (Anton Yelchin- Fright Night). But their life-altering journey through young love hits a bump in the road when Anna is deported for a violation of her visa.

We follow the couple as they attempt to live their lives both together and separately, as they try and overcome the obstacles of an unexpected reality.

Not unlike love itself, Like Crazy requires a certain amount of patience from it’s viewers. The sweetness of director Drake Doremus’ film is sometimes overshadowed by the melancholic nature of long distance relationships but this never takes over completely. The chemistry between Jones and Yelchin is understated, yet undeniable, while the lack of script allows for a natural pace and feel. There is no doubt that Jones shines throughout the film’s 90 minutes. The subtleties of her performance are divine as she possesses the ability to convey so much with just a look. It’s through this performance that we are welcomed into the relationship of the characters, sharing every exposing moment.

Not to be mistaken for your average rom-com, it is a refreshingly honest insight into young love, documenting the highs and lows in a sweet, intimate manner. With its staggered shots and slices of photogenic trips around LA and London, Like Crazy almost plays like a home movie with nuances of French new wave but there’s nothing pretentious about it. There will be people who find the style of film uncomfortable but it is inevitable that many viewers will be taken in by the charm of this rare, honest gem.

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