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Life Lessons from Molly’s Game



Molly’s Game takes you on a journey into the life of a female entrepreneur who grew from an ambitious Olympic-class skier to a world-class poker game runner. The compelling performance by the cast, the narrations, and the references from the book has the power to keep you stuck to your chair until you’ve seen the end of Molly’s hustle. 

While you sit across a screen absorbing the storytelling, and the cinematic aura,  you’ll agree that there’s so much to take out from the film. Here are a few interesting life lessons from this true life story about wealth and entrepreneurship. 

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There’s opportunity everywhere

After Molly Bloom had to give up her dreams of Olympic skiing, she took up a job at a club working bottle service. While working at the club, she met Dean Keith, a real estate developer, and became his assistant. Dean Keith happened to run a poker game which he later tasked Molly Bloom to run as her second job for him.

Bloom spotted this task as an opportunity to start her entrepreneurship journey and ensured that the poker game was sustainable and profitable. While trying to do this, she fell out of grace with her boss, who fired her. However, Bloom sees another opportunity and sways Dean’s poker game players to her own poker business, and she makes it even more profitable by upgrading her target audience.

Molly Bloom was a master at spotting opportunities in challenges and taking action on them. Gambling today has evolved significantly even across the decade since the film was set. From the proliferation of online casinos to even pay by phone casinos with decent bonuses, poker has become as much an online staple as it is a dramatic setting in person. Contrastingly, Molly Bloom ran her poker game in luxurious hotel suites in Los Angeles and attracted affluent players.

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Partnerships are key 

Partnerships can foster collaborative advantages and build formidable alliances; this is another lesson from this film. Strategic collaboration was one of Bloom’s weapons which she used to her advantage. A scene from the movie had a narration that showed Bloom’s desire to team up with Player X so that she could cement her place in the poker business. 

Molly Bloom’s partnership with Player X was successful, and she used it to bring more wealthy people to her poker game. She went further to strike deals with the girls at clubs where she had prospects. She also collaborated with a pit boss at a commerce casino and made him an offer for every player he sent her; this was an incredible entrepreneurial move.

Bloom also partnered with Playboy playmates when she moved to New York after her misunderstanding with Player X crumbled her poker empire in Los Angeles. In just seven weeks, this partnership with the playboy playmates yielded ten wealthy poker players, with seven on the waiting list for her poker game.

Molly’s Game is a sensational movie created from the true life story of Molly Bloom. This film comes with lessons for the curious mind and leaves you with questions to ponder too.

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