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Latest Sneak-Peek at Disney/Pixar’s ‘Incredibles 2’



It’s been a long fourteen year wait for fans of the original. But finally, the superhuman family are back this Summer.

A fantastic new trailer for animated sequel ‘Incredibles 2’ has debuted during the Winter Olympics and it sees Holly Hunter’s Elastigirl dealing with much of the crime-fighting, as Bob Odenkirk’s tycoon looks to bring superheroes back into the sunlight.

Whilst Mr Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is lumbered with the stay-at-home dad role, with Jack-Jack in particular bringing new meaning to the ‘terrible two’s’, as his multiple powers emerge.

Directed once again by Brad Bird, with Samuel L. Jackson also reprising his role as Frozone. The film is released on 13th July 2018 in the UK.

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