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Latest On Uncharted Film Adap!



With so many videogames getting the film treatment recently (Need For Speed and Shadow of The Colossus to name two), it’s inevitable that one was going to get lost in the melee. Step forward Uncharted.

The hugely successful series of games (3 in all), back in early 2011 was greenlit the big screen treatment courtesy of Sony Pictures. However, the project has barely got out of pre-production.

The Fighter director David O.Russell was all set to tackle the adventures of Nathan Drake, with Mark Wahlberg an early candidate for the lead role. Sadly, the firepower behind and infront of the camera bailed and it was left to Neil Burger to pick up the pieces. It has now been reported that Burger has followed suit,  shifting his focus to crafting a film adaptation of the book Divergent.

The latest ‘shining light’ has been provided by National Treasure scripters Marianne and Cormac Wibberley, who will be writing the new screenplay. With the similarities in concept, it should hardly prove a stretch for the duo. We can only hope that Sony’s persistence pays off!

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