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LaBeouf Wears Paper Bag In Art Installation



0122_shia_flynet The crazy antics of Shia LaBeouf continue – this time at the opening of a bizarre art installation in Los Angeles just days after he wore a paper bag to the premiere of his latest movie, Nymphomaniac.

Visitors to the #IAmSorry installation are led into a tiny room where the actor sits with the “I Am Not Famous Anymore” bag on his head. Before they enter they are asked to take one of several “implements” including a whip from Indiana Jones and The Temple of the Crystal Skull and Transformers toys.

Maycie Thornton, a visitor at the opening, said she took a flower out of a vase before going through a dark curtain to an arena where LaBeouf was sitting at a table.

“There was, it was kind of wet under, it looked like he had been crying and his eyes were like so sad, so I just immediately got so awkward, because you’re trying to talk to someone who is not talking back to you, in this room by yourself”, Thornton said.

This bizarre behaviour comes days after the 27-year-old walked down the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival with his head covered by a paper bag. Earlier he had stormed out of a news conference where he was asked how it felt to shoot the sexual scenes in Nymphomaniac.

LaBeouf quoted ex-footballer Eric Cantona when he told the journalists that they were like “seagulls following the trawler to get sardines”. He then left.

Between January 13 and Feburary 9 he tweeted everyday: “I am not famous anymore.” However, his account only said #IAmSorry on Tuesday.

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