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Judd Hirsch, Amy Smart and Carson Minniear Join ‘Rally Caps’



Oscar-nominee Judd Hirsch (Uncut Gems, Independence Day, Taxi), Amy Smart (Star Girl, The Butterfly Effect, Varsity Blues), and Carson Minniear (Palmer) have signed on to film a poignant, fun-filled, camp-baseball family feature that focuses on the “ability in disability,” inclusion, and resilience: ‘Rally Caps’ set to film in Elizaville, New York in September 2021.

Written and directed by Lee Cipolla (The Shift, Know Thy Enemy, Harder They Fall) and based on the novel written by father-daughter team Stephen J. Cutler and Jodi Michelle Cutler, ‘Rally Caps’ follows the true events of a youth baseball player who has his dreams of pitching for a Little League travel team derailed by a devastating injury on the field. After a long recovery process, he goes off to sleep away camp with his older brother where he befriends a Deaf catcher and his sister, both Cochlear Implant recipients who based on their own experiences living with a disability, help him overcome his anxiety and fear of returning to the mound, to ultimately lead their team in the camp championship game against their rival cabin.

Produced by Katherine Borda (Know They Enemy, Occupational Hazzard, Romeo and Juliet), Amy Williams (Rock Paper Dead, Mothers and Daughters with Sharon Stone), Gary Sales (The Girl on the Train), William Garcia (The Shift, Followed, Samland)), ‘Rally Caps’ also stars Curtis Pride (former Major League Baseball Outfielder), his children Noelle Pride, Colten Pride, and Tim Kurkjian (ESPN Major League Baseball Analyst).

David Kenaith (The Hammer), Aaron Magnani (The Last Word), and Stephen J Cutler will serve as Executive Producers.

‘Rally Caps’ has been endorsed by the likes of baseball personalities Cal Ripken Jr., Tim Kurkjian, Brooks Robinson, and Curtis Pride.

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