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Jolie Teaming Up With The Coens!



Away from showing some impressive leg on a red carpet, Angelina Jolie seems eager to make a successful transition from award winning actress to accomplished director. Despite being nominated for a Golden Globe, her previous credit set during the Bosnian War ‘In The Land of Blood and Honey’ was largely unseen.

Her latest project promises a broader appeal and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jolie has already instilled the help of a well established directorial duo in the form of the Coen Brothers. Known for the likes of No Country for Old Men and Fargo, Joel and Ethan are set to rewrite the script for ‘Unbroken’.

The film itself based on a novel written by Laura Hillenbrand, revolves around an Olympic track star by the name of Louis Zamperini. Zamperini had the unfortunate scenario of being imprisoned by the Japanese for the duration of two and a half years, after surviving a horrific plane crash in the year 1943.

Universal have been eager to give Zamerpini’s story the big screen treatment for many a year, even more so after acquiring the rights in 2011 for Hillenbrand’s work. The project before Jolie jumped on board, was originally set to be helmed by Constantine and Water For Elephants director Francis Lawrence.

With their collective prestige, an on-form Jolie and Coen Brothers certainly have the ability to conjure up something special. Let’s hope ‘Unbroken’ is indeed that film.

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