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James Freedman – Man of Steal



First of all, it is not Man of Steel. No no, we are not discussing Superman, however he might make you think he can be one when it comes to his technique. Second, when I decided to go see the show I didn’t know what exactly to expect. I flipped through a few articles online and looked at the official description of the show and my curiosity kicked in. Magic was always an intriguing subject and a good thief is a bit like a magician, if he performs at a truly grand level.

James Freedman, an “honest pickpocket”, presents us the stories of famous con-men and  exposes how the bad guys really work. With the help of a tailor’s dummy called Fred, dressed like a true gentleman, Freedman performs pick-pocketing moves that resemble a graceful dance that seem to come naturally to him, even if he does admit the need of constant practice.

This one-man show takes us back in history explaining the way con-men working as waiters got to make millions or why you should be a bit suspicious when it comes to your usual ATM. He starts the show in a very direct way, stating that he has stolen the most important thing for someone in the room, but I will not ruin the surprise by divulging what. The answer to that riddle might however shake you more than an earthquake.

Now, some of you might be fans of public interaction, others might not. You should come prepared for it. A ticket in the back or somewhere in the middle will not save you from joining James on stage, or sharing some of your things with him. You shouldn’t however be reticent about it as all interactions were natural and funny and a lesson for both the audience and the person directly involved.

Man of Steal runs for 75 minutes without interval and is for sure something different that will keep you hooked for its whole duration. James Freedman manages to deliver an entertaining and exciting show which can guarantee you a fun night out and a wake up call.



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