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J-Lo Wants To Direct A Movie



The artist known colloquially as J-Lo, Jennifer Lopez, may be a big name in music, but it’s always been clear she wants to conquer the entirety of the entertainment world. And now, we’ve gotten a little glimpse into what’s next

Lopez just directed her first music video, Limitless, which is the featured track for her latest romantic comedy Second Act. And despite the artist only occasionally charitably referred to as ‘an actress’, it appears that directing is something she’s got her eye on.

“Absolutely, absolutely,” was J-Lo’s response when asked if she’d ever want to direct more in television and film, at the New York City premiere of Second Act, last night, “It was a lot of fun.”

“This is a song that Sia wrote for the movie. It’s the anthem for Second Act. I asked her watch the movie and tell me what you think — if you’re inspired, write something, and she wrote Limitless, which is: ‘I thought I had to be somebody else, but look at me now, I’m limitless’, I love that sentiment. That’s exactly what the movie is about. It’s that perfect holiday movie with this perfect song. My daughter is in the video. It’s a dream project for me, so I’m excited for everybody to see it.”

Second Act also stars Vanessa Hudgens and Milo Ventimiglia, and is due out on the 25th of January, 2019 in the UK.

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