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A collage of titles available on netflix A collage of titles available on netflix


Is Your Netflix Subscription Worth It?



In a move that had long been suggested, Netflix has announced the launch of a new ad-supported subscription tier. This new tier, while initially suggested for launch in early 2023, now looks set to be available on the platform from the start of November 2022.

Full details about the option are not yet available, though rumours around the price structure and the removal of the download and watch later function have been circulating.

With all this in mind, we decided to take a look and see if a Netflix subscription remains to be worth it and to look at ways to get the most out of your current subscription.

Beat the Algorithm

If you’ve got a Netflix subscription, you’ll have noticed that you’re often seeing a lot of the same movies and TV shows recommended to you. This is because of an algorithm built into Netflix that uses your viewing history and cross references the tags associated to that film or show, to find others with similar tags. The algorithm will also do the same thing with actors and actresses you appear to enjoy watching. This isn’t always accurate, because while you may have watched Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to watch Jack & Jill or Grown Ups 2 next…

There is a way around this though, if you delete your Netflix history you will reset the algorithm, meaning that you’ll no longer be suggested titles you have no interest in!

Find the Hidden Codes

Similar to the way it’s algorithm works with suggestions, Netflix uses a series of codes to group together titles in a sometimes odd, but helpful, way.

Hidden within Netflix, these codes can often be a way to help you decide on a title when you have an idea what type of film you’d like to watch, but aren’t exactly sure.

Let’s say you fancied a Crime Drama, then simply type 6889 into the search bar and it will give you all the films available to you in that category. The same goes if you wanted Romantic Comedies (5475) or Sci-fi Adventures (6926).

The codes also allow for you to be very specific in the type of film you want. Perhaps you want a horror, but one set underwater? Well, there’s a code for Deep-Sea Horror Movies (45028). Want a movie about a specific sport? You’ve got the choice of Soccer (12549), Baseball (12339) or Boxing (12443) among many others.

Check out the Competition

Streaming is no longer a one or two horse race. With the ever growing market, more and more titles are now available across multiple platforms.

Amazon Prime Video has been a long-standing alternative to Netflix, but it’s poor interface has long been criticized. There are a wide range of titles on the service, over 24,000 at last count, but it is not always clear which of these are free or available as part of the subscription. It also costs slightly more than Netflix’s current subscription, but it does come with the added benefits of Amazon Prime and it’s fast delivery option.

Disney+ is one of the newer kids on the block, but as you can imagine, it already had a huge catalogue of content to call on. That was made even more appealing with it’s acquisition of Fox in 2019, adding an adult-orientated aspect that manifests as Star in the UK, but is matched with Hulu in the US. It’s pricing is also competitive with Netflix however and does offer a wide range of IP such as Star Wars and Marvel, meaning that there are often big-budget original films and shows to chose from.

Apple TV+ has also grown into a strong offering, particularly when it comes to it’s original TV shows. The platform has focused on creating engaging and original content and for a price cheaper than all it’s competitors. That of course does come with it’s drawbacks – with the catalogue considerably smaller than that of Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+. It does also suffer from some of the same issues as Prime Video where it displays titles that may not necessarily be free, but come at additional costs.

Decision Time

While streaming subscriptions can often be driven by personal choice, or simply by cost. The option to interchange between subscriptions month by month can often be the most rewarding – allowing you to view the different offerings of each before switching to another.

Netflix remains the market-leader with a wide range of films, original and old, as well as some interesting TV offerings. The new ad-supported tier, might save you a bit of money each month and if you felt that a few adverts was worth it, then it is a good addition to their plans.

Our suggestion is to try them all, at one point or another, by switching between the platforms depending on your preference. If you’re in a run of enjoying TV series, then Apple TV+ is the one for you. If you want to revisit your childhood, or have children of your own, then Disney+ is probably the sensible choice. Overall though, Netflix still offers the widest range of choice, but your experience can be vastly improved by using the hints above.

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