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International TV Spot For Blade Runner 2049



‘You do not know what pain is yet. You will learn…’

The ominous words of Jared Leto’s slick-haired and suited villain Neander Wallace, who is certainly more prominent in this latest and thrilling look at Blade Runner 2049, which sees Ryan Gosling’s Officer K join forces with Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard.

The footage here is certainly action-packed as it teases the building of a ‘replicant army’. Constructed in a way that feels somewhat formulaic, we certainly hope this isn’t an indication of a diluted final product from director Denis Villeneuve and producer Ridley Scott, in comparison to its iconic and intelligent predecessor.

Also starring Dave Bautista, Robin Wright and Ana De Armas, Blade Runner 2049 is released on 6th October 2017.

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