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The Incredible Stats Behind Netflix



In a few short years, Netflix has become one of the worlds most recognisable brands. It’s perhaps no surprise then that the statistics behind Netflix’s global dominance are staggering. We’ve picked out 5 of our favourites from a list compiled by the folks at MuchNeeded 

Netflix started its streaming service with 1,000 titles

In January 2007, Netflix launched its streaming service with “Watch Now” that had 1,000 titles. This was partly as a result of tougher competition from other DVD rental services.

The streaming service had a simple premise. Instead of subscribers waiting for their DVD to be delivered, they could watch immediately on their computer. Even though such an idea looks normal today, it was new at the time.

Netflix users spend 1 billion hours watching movies weekly

That is the number of hours Netflix users now spend on the platform watching movies every week. [source]

This is one sign of Netflix replacing many traditional TV stations as Netflix has now introduced many TV series and original movies into its programs. Even Netflix users can watch comedy on the platform now.

Netflix has accumulated $21.9 billion in debt

As at the end of September 2017, Netflix had accumulated a debt of up to $21.9 billion. Most of the funds went into the company’s shows as they aimed to gain more subscribers and a bigger share of the TV viewership.

This shows that Netflix, as a large and well-run company, is not perfect. The company aims to pay off its debts in years to come as it gains more users and increase revenues.

In fact, the company seems to be sinking deeper into debt to fuel subscriber growth.

An average Netflix subscriber watches 60 movies annually

An average Netflix subscriber watched 60 movies on the platform in 2017. This amounts to an average of 5 movies every month.

Netflix is now available in 190 countries

At the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2016, Netflix announced its service would be available in 130 more countries to make it available in 190 countries in 20 years. This allowed many countries already aware of Netflix to take an opportunity of the service.

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