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‘Hunger’ Crashes American Reunion To Remain On Top!



Is there no end to its dominance?? Everyone at Lionsgate must be full of glee as they continue to see their prized cinematic commodity ‘The Hunger Games’ storm the box office. This weekend saw the film step over the $300 million mark in emphatic style, taking $33 million and remaining top of the heap.

Despite the assembling of all the original lovers of Pie, ‘American Reunion’ had to settle for the runner up spot with $21.5 million which was a considerable step down from its previous entries. All associated with the straight to DVD entries.. hang your heads in shame!

Last but not least, James Cameron hasn’t been able to jump ship just yet. The 3D tinkering of Titanic has been largely seen as a cynical cash grab. Hardly surprising after its long standing as one of the most successful films ever to grace the big screen. However, it did obtain the bronze medal of the weekend with $17.2 million.


The full rundown is as follows:

1. The Hunger Games $33.1 million

2. American Reunion $21.5 million

3. Titanic 3D $17.2 million

4. Wrath Of The Titans $14.7 million

5. Mirror Mirror $11 million

6. 21 Jump Street $10 million

7. Dr Seuss’ The Lorax $5 million

8. Salmon Fishing In The Yemen $992, 428

9. Housefull 2 $847,132

10. John Carter $830, 305


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