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Hugh Grant To Cook Up Romance With Tomei?



When it comes to the genre of romantic comedies and finding a bumbling dry witted male protagonist, Hugh Grant is normally the go-to man. Love Actually, Four Weddings And A Funeral.. the list could go on. Clearly seeing no need to stop, he’s ready to walk down the familiar avenue once again with writer/director Marc Lawrence.

Lawrence has already worked with Grant on three separate occasions including Music and Lyrics which also starred Drew Barrymore. Their new project although it remains untitled, already has its sights set on one particular female. The woman in question is Marisa Tomei (Crazy Stupid Love/The Wrestler).

Tomei is apparently in negotiations according to source ‘The Wrap’ to star in the film, with the premise revolving around Grant’s scriptwriting supremo Ray Michaels in the late 1980’s and now in the present day, he’s hit the proverbial rock bottom seeking employment and solace. The solace we of course assume.. will be Tomei.

A release date has yet to be stated, but Hugh Grant’s latest cinematic venture ‘Cloud Atlas’ will hit the UK in Feburary.


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