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Horror-Thriller Film ‘VampyrZ On A Boat’ Sets Sail September 27



The horror-thriller feature film ‘VampyrZ On A Boat’, starring Dallas Valdez, Carrie Keagan, Curt Lambert, and Robert Acres is releasing on digital streaming platforms September 27, 2022, via Random Media.

Written and directed by Mark Allen Michaels, ‘VampyrZ On A Boat’ follows ex-military man Max and his old friend Dell who take on a mysterious mission aboard a massive ship that’s commanded by an enigmatic Captain complete with an eyepatch and pegleg. As the vessel voyages out to sea, Max quickly falls in love with a reporter named Sara, then just as quickly loses her to a stowaway ‘Master’ vampire’s bite. Things get stranger from there as the other passengers reveal themselves. Max makes it his mission to save Sara from the ancient evil but in the process, he gets bitten himself. As it turns out, he’s immune to the poison… sort of. The attack sends Max into a bizarre time loop that throws him headlong into violent bloody chaos.

Logline: Who doesn’t like a Vampire? On the high seas, Max must fight for the love of his life after she becomes a Vampire.

Produced by Mark Allen Michaels and Stefan Colson, ‘VampyrZ On A Boat’ will release on September 27, 2022.

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