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Hobbit Survives Django/Miserables’ Onslaught!



With the festive period in full swing, many flocked to their local multiplex Stateside this weekend to witness the latest directorial efforts of two respected individuals. Tarantino reworking the spaghetti western for his hotly anticipated ‘Django Unchained’ and Tom Hooper delivers a big screen version of the West End juggernaut that is.. Les Miserables.

However, stars aplenty, splatterings of blood and the occasional ‘belting’ of a tune could not deter Bilbo Baggins and co. from the task of hanging onto the beloved box office top spot. Now in its third week, ‘An Unexpected Journey’ fared well once again with $32.9 million taking its tally up to $222 million.

Starring a devilish Leonardo Dicaprio and Jamie ‘the D is silent’ Foxx, ‘Django Unchained’ narrowly missed its primary target and settled for runner up with $30.6 million. Opening earlier than the traditional Friday slot, Tarantino is well on course to top his career best of $120.5 million grossed by ‘Inglorious Basterds’ (Django already on $64 million).

Back in third, ‘Les Miserables’ clearly was music to many ears with a respectable $28 million as its awards season battle with fierce competitors (Django included) heats up.

Here’s the full rundown:

1. The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey $32.9 million

2. Django Unchained $30.6 million

3. Les Miserables $28 million

4. Parental Guidance $14.8 million

5. Jack Reacher $14 million

6. This Is 40 $13.1 million

7. Lincoln $7.5 million

8. The Guilt Trip $6.7 million

9. Monsters Inc (3D) $6.3 million

10. Rise Of The Guardians $4.9 million


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