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Heartfelt Short Film ‘I Love You, Guys’ Unveiled By Static Flow Productions & Jumpcut Studios



Static Flow Productions and Jumpcut Studios are set to present their latest collaboration, “I Love You, Guys,” a poignant short film written by Cory Varney and directed by Billie Melissa Rogan.

Sky, a troubled young pop-star, is on the verge of superstardom after a massively successful debut album. As she prepares to close out a sellout tour and jet off to America for the next phase of her meteoric rise, she grapples with the reality of leaving behind her past and the people she holds dear. The film explores the contrast between Sky’s public persona and her private struggles, revealing a touching love story that transcends fame.

“I Love You, Guys” marks Billie Melissa Rogan’s directorial debut, exploring and reflecting both a universal and personal journey of pursuing dreams and the inevitable sacrifices that come with success.

With its origins rooted in writer Cory Varney’s personal teenage experiences with social anxiety and depression, it was a notable interview with Paramore’s Hayley Williams discussing her own struggles with mental health that sparked Varney to craft a narrative that explores the disparity between a singer’s public image and their private struggles.

This being Varney’s first short film script, he cites the experience as “the most tough yet rewarding thing I have ever done.”

Bringing the script to screen with vulnerability, curiosity and empathy are the cast consisting of Becky Bush (Sky), Celi Crossland (Taylor), and Pedro Leandro (Ryan). “They made [the characters] the fully realized people you now get to fall in love with and root for”, enthuses director Billie Rogan.

Alongside the cast and crew, Rogan cites a lot of gratitude for the various crowdfunding backers who were integral for helping finance the film back in April 2020. “Because of you, the film is what it is, and we are endlessly grateful for your never-ending support throughout this process.”

Set to captivate audiences with its emotionally charged narrative and stellar performances, I Love You, Guys will be released on Static Flow Productions Official YouTube Channel on Wednesday 14th February 2024 at 7pm GMT.

Link to premiere:

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