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Hathaway Wanted For Spielberg’s Latest!



Anne Hathaway is certainly one busy lady. Arguably stealing the show as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman this summer in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Warming up those vocal chords for Tom Hooper’s hotly anticipated ‘Les Miserables’. Now, it seems that she’s about to complete an admirable hat-trick when it comes to working with directorial heavyweights.

According to The Hollywood Reporter earlier today, she is in ‘early talks’ to hook up with one Steven Spielberg for his latest project ‘Robocalypse’. The project being developed through Spielberg’s own production company Dreamworks, it will be a big screen adaptation of the acclaimed novel (2011) written by Daniel H Wilson.

Spielberg clearly has an eye for stars who’ve been immersed in comicbook heavy worlds for his latest delve into the science fiction genre. Hathaway’s male equivalent is expected to be Thor himself, Mr Chris Hemsworth who is also reported to be in ‘talks’.

With a screenplay provided by Cabin In The Woods director Drew Goddard, expect Robocalypse to hit cinemas in April 2014.


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