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Hard-Hitting Trailer For Sundance Hit ‘Blindspotting’ Released



A directorial debut which is considered to be a love letter to Oakland, as it intertwines the themes of sincere friendship, gentrification and police brutality into its tightly-woven narrative.

Carlos Lopez Estrada’s ‘Blindspotting’ undoubtedly captured the imagination of the Sundance masses earlier this year, scoring a Grand Jury Prize nomination for its story involving Daveed Diggs’ Collin who has mere hours left on his probation, coupled with the dangerous influence of Rafael Casal’s Miles.

Both Diggs and Casal wrote the screenplay for the film picked up by Lionsgate and on this evidence, it’s shaping up to be a rhythmic and stylish offering, bristling with incisive social commentary.

The film hits the UK on 5th October.

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