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‘Good Day’ As Die Hard Dominates Stateside!



John Mcclane may be an iconic figure of the action genre. However, after suffering an emphatic backlash from critics widely regarding the latest installment the ‘weakest of the series’ and being up against a plethora of new releases, its success was far from guaranteed.

In a close fought battle, ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ has triumphed in the US this weekend with a respectable taking of $25 million. Putting this into context, the film is the second highest opening weekend of the series’ 25 year run, with Die Hard 4 leading the way with $33.3 million. Whilst many ‘fans’ remain concerned with Fox’s targeting of a wider audience, the likelihood of a ‘sixth’ is extremely high.

Switching our attention to Mcclane’s competition, the works of Nicholas Sparks have been raided once again with the latest adaptation ‘Safe Haven’. Starring Rock of Ages’ Julianne Hough and Transformers’ Josh Duhamel, the slushy romance helped complete the top 3 with $21.4 million. Whilst ‘Beautiful Creatures’ was hoping for a solid start to enhance the potential of another ‘teen’ franchise. Sadly, it underwhelmed with only $7.4 million and sixth place for its efforts.

Here’s the rundown in full:

1. A Good Day To Die Hard $25 million

2. Identity Thief $23.7 million

3. Safe Haven $21.4 million

4. Escape To Planet Earth $16 million

5. Warm Bodies $9 million

6. Beautiful Creatures $7.4 million

7. Side Effects $6.3 million

8. Silver Linings Playbook $6 million

9. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters $3.4 million

10. Zero Dark Thirty $3.1 million

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