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Movie Marker’s Golden Globe Winners



Motion picture, drama

“12 Years a Slave”

“Captain Phillips”




Luke’s Prediction:  A extremely close call this year again, some fantastic films included but I’m going to go with Gravity  as it was my favourite film of the year and feel that it will just pip the others to the Globe.

Darryl’s Prediction: Personally delighted to see Rush upsetting the odds here and making an appearance, yet this is a straight fight between Cuaron’s technical marvel and Mcqueen’s most essential work to date for me. 12 Years A Slave.

Winner:  12 Years a Slave

Motion picture, musical or comedy

“American Hustle”


“Inside Llewyn Davis”


“The Wolf of Wall Street”

Luke’s Prediction: While I think American Hustle was great, I’m going to go for The Wolf Of Wall Street I’m a huge Scorsese and Di Caprio fan and hope they score big at this years Awards.

Darryl’s Prediction: Believe this will boil down to a battle of the great Americans.. Martin Scorsese and The Coens. Yet to clap eyes on the respective films, but tipping ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ to score the win.

Winner: American Hustle

Actress in a motion picture, drama

Cate Blanchett – “Blue Jasmine”

Sandra Bullock – “Gravity”

Judi Dench – “Philomena

Emma Thompson – “Saving Mr. Banks”

Kate Winslet – “Labor Day”

Luke’s Prediction: Dame Judy was fantastic as title character Philomena however I can’t see past Sandra Bullock winning for her role in Gravity. Being the main focus of a film requires great talent and she certainly delivered.

Darryl’s Prediction: After much criticism in being installed in the role and the rarity of performances in blockbusters getting awards recognition, would love Bullock to triumph. Head says Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine though.

Winner: Cate Blanchett

Actor in a motion picture, drama

Chiwetel Ejiofor – “12 Years a Slave”

Idris Elba – “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom”

Tom Hanks – “Captain Phillips”

Matthew McConaughey – “Dallas Buyers Club”

Robert Redford – “All Is Lost”

Luke’s Prediction: A strong category again this year and it’s definitely going to divide opinion, I’m going with Chiwetel Ejiofor due to his star turn in 12 Years a Slave, though Tom Hanks would be my close second.

Darryl’s Prediction: As strong a year as I can recall in this category. Levelling with Luke here, as terrific a return to form as Tom Hanks as had in the last 12 months, Ejofor’s outstanding turn I believe will land the Globe.

Winner: Matthew McConaughey – “Dallas Buyers Club”

Actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy

Amy Adams – “American Hustle”

Julie Delpy – “Before Midnight”

Greta Gerwig – “Frances Ha”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – “Enough Said”

Meryl Streep – “August: Osage County”

Luke’s Prediction: I have to admit, I haven’t seen Frances Ha or August: Osage County so can’t include those in my prediction, that said I’m going for Julie Delpy in Before Midnight as I felt Amy Adams was second string to Bale and Cooper’s performance in American Hustle.

Darryl’s Prediction: The token Streep nomination, yet not quite as prominent in my thinking to win. Would personally love the ‘Before’ trilogy granted some recognition with a Julie Delpy win. Believe Amy Adams for ‘Hustle’ may take this one.

Winner: Amy Adams, American Hustle

Actor in a motion picture, musical or comedy

Christian Bale – “American Hustle”

Bruce Dern – “Nebraska”

Leonardo DiCaprio – “The Wolf Of Wall Street”

Oscar Isaac – “Inside Llewyn Davis”

Joaquin Phoenix – “Her”

Luke’s Prediction: In the same way as my prediction for Music or Comedy Picture, I’m going to go for Leonardo Di Caprio in Wolf of Wall Street. Bale was great and I’ve heard fantastic things about Phoenix’s turn in Her but Di Caprio deserves the recognition in my eyes.

Darryl’s Prediction: After many close calls, I think this is Dicaprio’s. Many solid performances throughout his career yet many claiming this to the ‘wow’ moment. Expect the recognition to mirror the acclaim in a category opting for an eclectic mix.

Winner: Leonardo Di Caprio, The Wolf of Wall Street

Supporting actress in a motion picture

Sally Hawkins – “Blue Jasmine”

Jennifer Lawrence – “American Hustle”

Lupita Nyong’o – “12 Years a Slave”

Julia Roberts – “August: Osage County”

June Squibb – “Nebraska”

Luke’s Prediction:  I feel Lawrence will miss out this time to Lupita Nyong’o in 12 Years a Slave. As for the other nominees, perhaps any other year they might do it, but – you never know!

Darryl’s Prediction: No brainer for me. Lupita Nyong’o’ in ’12 Years’ provided a performance brimming with maturity beyond her years. Much deserved win to solidify her status as a rising star.

Winner: Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle

Supporting actor in a motion picture

Barkhad Abdi – “Captain Phillips”

Daniel Brühl – “Rush”

Bradley Cooper – “American Hustle”

Michael Fassbender – “12 Years a Slave”

Jared Leto – “Dallas Buyers Club”

Luke’s Prediction: Just like the respective Actress category it’s another close battle. Fassbender’s strong character in 12 Years a Slave may miss out to newcomer Abdi, while Leto’s ‘unique’ performance in Dallas Buyers Club could turn some heads…it’s tight, but I’m going for Fassbender for his technical ability.

Darryl’s Prediction: Key gripe here lies in Bruhl’s terrific performance acknowledged as ‘supporting’, despite being the real driving force in ‘Rush’. Fassbender’s monstrous turn whilst impressive veers dangerously close to melodramatic, but wouldn’t be surprised if he picks up the gong. Tipping an upset though, with Leto’s transformation in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ going down well Stateside.

Winner: Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club


Alfonso Cuarón – “Gravity”

Paul Greengrass – “Captain Phillips”

Steve McQueen – “12 Years a Slave”

Alexander Payne – “Nebraska”

David O. Russell – “American Hustle”

Luke’s Prediction: I think Payne for Nebraska is the outsider here as any of the other four could potentially win. I’m going to go with my head over my heart and go for McQueen and 12 Years a Slave.

Darryl’s Prediction: The distinct B+W aesthetic of Payne and chilling stillness of Mcqueen’s ’12 Years’ both worthy, but I believe Cuaron’s artistry will be recognised to make up for Gravity not winning Best Film.

Winner: Alfonso Cuarón – “Gravity”


Spike Jonze – “Her”

Bob Nelson – “Nebraska”

Jeff Pope and Steve Coogan – “Philomena”

John Ridley – “12 Years a Slave”

Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell – “American Hustle”

Luke’s Prediction: I loved Philomena and while I think it will win adapted screenplay at the BAFTAs etc, I can’t see it beating American Hustle  to this one. I haven’t seen Her yet so it’s hard to compare it!

Darryl’s Prediction: Would personally love Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’ to take the awarddespite quintessentially Brit representation courtesy of ‘Philomena’. With so many of the performances acknowledged though, think American Hustle will be a shoo-in.

Winner: Spike Jonze, Her

Foreign Language Film

“Blue is the Warmest Color”

“The Great Beauty”

“The Hunt”

“The Past”

“The Wind Rises”

Luke’s Prediction: I would love to see The Wind Rises win, but I think a more likely choice is going to be Blue is the Warmest Color. A hard category for me to judge, with limited viewings of most of the nominees available.

Darryl’s Prediction: Despite being a worthy Cannes winner, Blue Is The Warmest Color I believe will falter on the glitzy awards stage. Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘The Wind Rises’ for me a sentimental favourite and likely winner with the director’s impending retirement.

Winner: The Great Beauty

Animated Feature film

“The Croods”

“Despicable Me 2”


Luke’s Prediction: Frozen. Loved it, hope it wins. Simple as that really!

Darryl’s Prediction: In truth, only seen Gru and his minions in action in a sequel which I enjoyed more than the first. But the success of Frozen both critically and financially is not to be sniffed at. Disney’s effort to win.

Winner: Frozen

Original Song

“Atlas” – “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

“Let It Go” – “Frozen”

“Ordinary Love” – “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”

“Please Mr. Kennedy” – “Inside Llewyn Davis”

“Sweeter Than Fiction” – “One Chance”

Luke’s Prediction: A toss-up between ‘Please Mr.Kennedy’ from the Coen’s Inside Llewyn Davis and Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ having listened to all the nominees, I’m going to go for Please Mr.Kennedy  to win, though i personally prefer Let It Go.

Darryl’s Prediction: Thinking this will be a straightforward victory for  the’Inside Llewyn Davis’ ‘Please Mr Kennedy‘ track, despite the newsworthy inclusions of Coldplay for ‘Games’ and Idina Menzel for ‘Frozen’.

Winner: Ordinary Love, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom

Original Score

Alex Ebert – “All is Lost”

Alex Heffes – “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”

Steven Price – “Gravity”

John Williams – “The Book Thief”

Hans Zimmer – “12 Years a Slave”

Luke’s Prediction: I loved the entire of Gravity’s score but there are several very worthy winners here, just look at the composers involved! Hans Zimmer, John Williams? Could be anyone but I’m going to stick with Gravity.

Darryl’s Prediction:
Heavyweights involved with the likes of Williams and Zimmer, but thinking that Steven Price will take it for ‘Gravity’.
Winner: Alex Ebert – “All is Lost”


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