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Ghostbusters 3 Set For Summer 2013 Start!



This is certainly a product that has been stuck for limbo for what has seemed an eternity. After the original double header from the years 1984 and 1989 respectively, director Ivan Reitman has been continuously trying to breathe new life into the franchise. Despite various obstacles.. it seems that he finally has achieved a breakthrough!

It has been confirmed today by Deadline, that Reitman is all set to begin production on the belated third installment of Ghostbusters next Summer. Working with a script written by Tropic Thunder screenwriter Etan Cohen, the plot is set to revolve around calling on a new team of Ghostbusters which is one of many reasons why so many fans remain concerned of it’s quality.

The other key stumbling block, has been the significant absence of Bill Murray considering his involvement in the original outings as Peter Venkman. Fellow co-star Dan Ackroyd has consistently had to beat away speculation from many clamouring for his return. The actor recently:

‘It’s sad but we’re passing it onto a new generation. Ghostbusters 3 can be a successful movie without Bill.’

Barring any delays on the project, Ghostbusters 3 is expected to be in cinemas the following year, which will be the 30th anniversary of the first Ghostbusters film.

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