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Get To Know Zara Jirgis



Movie Marker Magazine sat down with the talented Zara Jirgis to talk about being the “face” of Disney’s Princess Jasmine and what inspires her.

Thank you, Zara, for chatting with us today. Congratulations on being the young Princess Jasmine. How did that come about?

Thank you! About a year prior to the release of the new Disney’s live-action film ‘Aladdin’, I had auditioned for Disney as they were looking for a young girl to be on toy boxes for Disney Princesses, but they hadn’t said which Disney Princess. I auditioned and was selected as Disney’s Princess Jasmine. For about 3 years I got to be on several toy boxes of the live-action Aladdin toys, got to do tons of print work for all the different Princess Jasmine outfits, dresses, costumes, accessories and so much more they have, as well as be in a few commercials too as Princess Jasmine!

Did you have to do anything special to achieve the look?

Not much was needed to achieve the look as although I am American, I am Egyptian-Jordanian, and so already look like her. Just a little lip gloss and sometimes putting my hair up in a pony tail. 

What was it like to modeling with Disney?

It was always so fun! I was able to shoot at some amazing places and even at Disneyland! Everyone who works behind the scenes are so amazing and over time you become like a family. 

What else have we seen you in?

Well, aside from being Princess Jasmine, I have worked with several big-brand names such as Nintendo, Universal Studios, Jakks, Walmart, and MGA Entertainment. I can be seen portraying young Selena Gomez in the special Artist Spotlight documentary and music video, as well as appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live Skits. 

What makes you unique? 

What makes me unique is that I’m physically very small for my age which is a really good thing for the industry since I can play the role of a 7 year old even though I’m 10 years old. 

What’s been the pros and cons of pursuing your acting career?

Pros would be getting to see myself on print ads, commercials, television shows and feature films. Getting to learn all different styles of acting is really great. Cons would be when I’ve worked so hard on an audition thinking this was one of the best ones, I’ve done but not ending up booking it. 

Tell us 5 fun things about you.

Humm, I take hip hop and jazz dance classes, both of my little brothers are also actors, my favorite holiday is Christmas, and my second favorite is Halloween. My favorite dessert is flan and I love to travel.

We love flan! What do you have cooking for 2023?

Lots! My goal for 2023 is to book a series regular one of my favorite shows. I also have a feature film I’ll in but am unable to disclose information about it so stay tuned!

What’s the best way to follow your journey? 

Come and hang out on my Instagram and Facebook which is @ZaraJirgis.

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