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Gangster Squad Release Delayed!



Hitting the interweb mere months ago, the trailer for Ruben Fleischer’s ‘Gangster Squad’ sealed the deal that it is without doubt one of the most hotly anticipated films left to be released this year. However.. A memorable shootout through a cinema screen and its unfortunate but eerie resemblance to the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado have caused Warner Bros to rethink their stance.

The film set in the Mafia world of the 1940’s and 50’s starring heavyweight talents Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin has had its original release date in the US (September 7th) postponed.

Now set to hit cinemas in January 2013, Warner Bros are now plotting on how to revise the film and whether to keep the sequence in question in the finished product. Reshoots are set to get underway as soon as possible in time for it’s revised release. With Warner Bros’ having direct links to Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy, this is clearly a move set to safeguard them from any more controversy in the near future and the victims of such an atrocity.

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